Belle Modus all started from spontaneous inspiration. An inspiration to share with others ideas, stories, and experiences through watches and in doing so, bring people together. This is the reason we do what we do and nothing brings us more satisfaction in our work. At Belle Modus, we share our passion for watches with others.


So, what exactly is Belle Modus? We are a platform of content and service within the world of watches; through our blog and social media efforts, we strive to bring people together in all that we do. 

Belle Modus is a derived from a mixed translation that means "Beautiful Time." We believe that the time recorded by watches is beautiful and the stories and experiences we have can be shared through watches, and this truly is a beautiful thing, hence the name, Belle Modus. 

Our story is just beginning and we would love to have you be a part of it! Check out our social media here and feel free to reach out and introduce yourself here


Three Definitive Goals as a Company

Belle Modus has three definitive goals as a company: first, to offer a personalized and authentic online customer experience with unparalleled quality of service; second, to produce quality content that is approachable, engaging, and inspirational to our community; finally, to foster connections between people through timepieces.

About the Founder

Jack Stanislow was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2001 and he lived in southeast Michigan for most of his childhood. He and his family moved to a suburb of Tampa, Florida in the summer of 2010 and reside there to this day. Jack attended Jesuit High School and graduated from there in 2019. He currently attends Florida State University where he is studying business and finance. 


Jack founded Belle Modus because he wanted to share his passion for watches and horology. He was first introduced to watches by his father, who gave him his watch for his birthday. Ever since then, Jack’s passion for watches and timekeeping has only grown. Jack looks forward to continuing the experience of horology and interacting with others who share this wonderful hobby.

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hobbies: Watches (no way!), playing guitar, aviation,

                  cars, watching hockey, fitness, and more

Favorite Watch: Omega Speedmaster Pro